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Youth Mate Incubator and Accelerator Co. Ltd. (Youth Mate)

Located in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with its key activities registered as incubator and accelerator of technology projects, provide support services, co-working space and funding selective young talented Saudi entrepreneurs, innovation and technology programs. Youth Mate is currently hosting several startups having huge demand especially specialized in ICT & AI that simplify our daily life through online applications.


Developing highly scalable technology products that cater to the nature of entrepreneurial projects, and providing expert advice and services until the project is activated.


To be a non-traditional startup business incubator supporting and financing young Saudi businessmen, and to assist them in transforming their aspirations and innovative ideas into real life projects.


  • 1. Attract the elites: Attracting the best minds and initiatives whose success is an actual need in the Saudi, Gulf and Arab business market
  • 2. Support Service: Providing a full-fledged business environment that covers lifecycle of a project (incubation, studies, consulting, headquarters, training, finance, product design, technology development, product pricing, Marketing, etc.)
  • 3. Specialization: Capture the best investment opportunities related to AI and the actual need of a wide range of users.
  • 4. Diversity: selection of unique projects from different sectors that is required for simplifying daily life.
  • 5. Funding: Create a loan-based financing pool that meets the requirements of entrepreneurial business financing.
  • 6. Equity benefits: Providing full services and benefits for incubated projects (Full Fledged Services) + Enabling the entrepreneur to retain ownership (70%) of his business.
  • 7. Embracing projects that provide quality services to the community and contribute to improving the quality of life.
  • 8. Youth Mate plans to overcome the most important challenges faced by entrepreneurs


  • Poor financing
  • Weak good loan practices in commercial activity
  • Low administrative experiences among young businessmen
  • Requirements of licensing startup projects
  • High operating costs


  • Provide adequate funding for the entire project life cycle until operation
  • Create financial guarantees through independent parties
  • Providing intensive workshops and training courses, and signing beneficial agreements with official incubators
  • Communicating with official agencies and providing requirements and assistance
  • The burden of operating expenses is spread over several projects

Incubated projects

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An Electronic Platform Based On Artificial Intelligence For Buying And Selling Used Vehicles. Www.Snapcars.Sa

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An Electronic Platform To Order The Main Daily Food Products Such As (Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Bread, Etc.) And Provide Home Delivery Services Through A Network Of Mini Shops In The Major Neighborhoods. Www.Ghalah.Com

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“AZ Parts”

An Electronic Platform Based On Artificial Intelligence To Simplify The Search For Used And New Automobile Spare Parts. Www.Az.Parts

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An Online Platform Based On Artificial Intelligence To Link The Back-End Between The Wholesale And Retail And Facilitate Instant Purchase Orders Between The Two Sectors. Www.Malkom.Co


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